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What are you looking for?

We are looking for all types of male amateur & professional models of ANY age. We DO require that you provide proof of age: driver's license, passport, birth certificate, etc.  You do not have to be a professional model, nor have previous modelling or acting experience. We welcome first timers.

Proof of Age

We absolutely require that you provide proof of age: driver's license, passport, birth certificate or some other proof that you are age 18 or older. We must have this documentation before any shoots are scheduled.

What kind of photos should I submit to you?

When you are applying to model for us, please send at least one photo of you with a face shot. If you're shirtless or just in underwear, that's ok too, and if you have any semi nude or nude photos these too will be accepted. Include at least one head shot.

What attributes are you looking for?

Any amateurs of any race and age, we welcome all sorts of packages ! But it's very important to have a good attitude and love showing off. Check out the models pages to get an idea of what we're looking for.

What kind of modelling will I do?
Adult-oriented photo and/or video.

What kind of photos?

A typical solo photo session is about 200 posed photos, clothed to nude.

What kind of video?

We produce both solo scenes and action scenes. Depending on your experience and comfort with the camera, new models might be asked to do solo work before being considered for action scenes.

How long does a modelling session last?

That depends on the type of work that is agreed to by the photographer and model. A typical combination first-time solo photo/video session is about 2 hours.

I am straight. Will I be asked to do any gay or bi stuff?

Not at all. You won�t be asked to do anything you are not 100% comfortable with. Naturally you will be asked during the audition what you will do and what you won�t do.

Where do they take place?

Our photographers travel around Australia all year , and visit most major cities. If we like you, we'll either come to you, or have you flown to a city where a photo shoot is taking place, most shoots are conducted in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Do I have to be gay or bi for the male photo shoots?

Your sexual preference is your own business. Many straight guys model for us solo. All we ask is for an open mind and the desire to show off for the cameras. We welcome gay, bi and straight !

What does it pay?

We will discuss that with you after we're convinced you're serious !

How are models paid?

Models are paid at the time of the shoot. We don't believe in asking you to work in exchange for future payment, or royalties.

Can I be a model more than once?

Yes. Some of our models have modelled several times.

What do I do for the solo shoot?

In a solo shoot you start fully clothed and you strip as the photographer shoots then at the end you cum.

What about Couples work?

That's something we will discuss once you've done a solo scene.

Can I pick my partner?

You usually can't pick your partner because you will usually be put with a new model who needs to do the same shoot as you, but you can say no to the model and we'll try to pair you with another model. In some cases you may also have a friend or partner you know and who we would agree for you to do a duo with.

What are "exclusive" models?

Exclusive models are those models who work for only one producer. We don't ask models to be exclusive, but we do have models who are exclusive by their own choice.

Do I have to sign anything?

You will be required to sign a model release. You will also be required to have proof of age. We are fully legal and professional  and are in full compliance with federal law 18 USC 2257, which requires us to verify your identity, and that you're of legal age.

I've done some adult work before. Can I still model for you?

Yes of course.

OK, I'm ready! What do I do next?

Fill out the Model application form and upload some photos for us to take a look at. They don't have to be nude shots, just face and face and chest shots! If you don't have pictures you'll have to schedule a appointment to come in and meet one of our recruiters.

What happens after that?

How do I get chosen? We make our determination based on:(1) Your appearance.(2) Personality & sex appeal.(3) Willingness to cooperate, and the overall impression you make.

Then what happens? When do I work?

After you've been accepted, We set up your first shoot and tell you everything you have to bring for that shoot.

Got further questions to ask ?

Ask away and contact us using our contact email form by going here.


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